Amanda Senior Clinton High School {oklahoma senior photographer}

Amanda booked her session weeks in advance, wisely may I say.  But, little did she know, the first day of 100+ temperatures in Oklahoma, 104 to be exact!  🙂  We battled the heat a bit, battled the bugs a lot, and in the end, it was all worth it!

The first option was to shoot inside and hope it cooled down a bit.  Well it didn’t cool down much, but it worked well enough!  We got some good stuff, kinda broke the ice between us and had some laughs. (by some i mean a lot)  I really like to shoot a few images with a bit of mood to them.  “he serious look”  well we tried, and tried, and tried…. you get the point.  the mood i was going for “the serious look” didn’t work out so well, BUT the mood I got was joy!  which I think turned out pretty nice as well!!

I loved the color of her shirt and we wanted some POP.  This image has pop for sure!  Bright color, beautiful smile and just her overall glow made this image!  I am pretty certain this came right after me asking, “hey give me a serious look here” then BAM, perfect expression 🙂

After shooting indoors for a bit, it was time to get out in the heat a bit!  We headed out to one of my favorite spots.  Full of wild flowers, a few stickers, some bugs and a bit of ants.  I enjoy the wildflowers, the others are just bonus 🙂

After shooting the casual outfits.  It was time to shoot her basketball gear!  I LOVE SHOOTING SPORTS!  Actually all hobbies.  She plays the saxophone, and did not bring it with her.  I made her aware of how upset I was 😉  Instruments, art supplies, sporting goods anything that personifies YOU, BRING IT!  That is the point of YOUR Senior portraits!  ok, bang to what we went and shot for her hoops wear!

i just love this shot!  i love the lens flare, i love the light, the crop… ALL of it!  This image and most the images from Amanda’s entire session wouldn’t of been possible without her mom helping out!  Solid assistant!

The above image is is one of those, “you can not get this with out knowing how to use off camera flash”  Some people really like the look of  “natural light” which is very pretty, but certain things can only be done with off camera flash.  (all these ball shots)  That sky is awesome and check out that sunset in the trees.  light falls off so pretty!

I usually do not do a whole lot of color toning.  But I wanted something a bit different for this.  So, I toned this up a bit with some blue hues and threw on a texture and, this is what I got.  I like it!

I had such a good time shooting you Amanda.  I hope you find a way to go to school in Waxahachie!  Thanks for letting me be a part of your Senior year!  And I pray for a speedy recovery on the ACL.

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Taylor Senior 2013 {oklahoma senior photographer}

Taylor strolled into the studio at 7:45am.  Early for any Senior on summer break, but she also had stayed up late the night before!  So a bit into the session she began to get a bit tired and hungry.  Her mom and I teased her as if I was shooting a newborn who needed her nap and snack to get through the session 🙂 Good thing was, she battled through and we did work!

I am a fan of color.  Taylor, she brought color, no doubt! Hot pink and hot Teal!  Color just adds so much more POP to the photos.  She did well accessorizing with bracelets, necklace and earrings!  If you have been following the blog, you are probably thinking “man, he says accessories a lot” YES I DO! because they are crucial!  The wind was horrible.  But with her mom as my strobes anchor, we made it happen!

After battling the wind for about an hour, we decided to go look for a wind block.  We found one and just so happen it looked fantastic for what I wanted to do with her next outfit.  And once again, she did very well accessorizing with mass amount of bracelets!  And one of the sickest pair of moccasins I personally have laid eyes on.  🙂


Taylor will be shooting more later this summer and we will concentrate on some softball portraits as well others.  I have some great images in mind for the softball so stay tuned!

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Haley Senior 2013 {oklahoma senior photographer}

Haley is from Burns Flat, is now a Senior and was really fun to shoot!  I think its really cool when the Seniors come in and you can tell they are excited for their session.  It gets me fired up and the portraits ALWAYS turn out better!  Haley brought her mom with her and she was a great assistant! 🙂

Haley did well on bringing outfits that were all different!  SENIOR TIP: Do not bring all the same type clothes, red shirt, blue shirt, green shirt and jeans.  Your photos will all look the same.  The more you put into your outfits and accessories, the better the images will be.  I guarantee it!  All the locations we shot turned out good, but one of, if not the favorite of mine was the above image.  Just a head shot on a solid red background.  but such a pretty shot.

At the end of the session we ended up at the lake.  We had to avoid a couple of young kids catching perch and running around the lake with excitement.  But kept our composure and still killed it.  haha.  Mom was a big help here holding my strobe for me.  It was setting on 35 degree hill!  I loved the shorts, the sailor top was great and shoes are pretty jazzy!  Same image in jeans and a tshirt will NOT be the same result.  Please, put time into choosing your outfits, you will not regret it!

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Taylor and Tori Seniors 2013 {oklahoma senior photographer}

Taylor and Tori were the first two Senior Squadron members from 2013!  We had a lot of fun on our shoot!  They came in together, which is a great idea.  Both to help assist on the session and to just throw some support each others way!

I always enjoy when Seniors bring a friend along with them!  Whether they are having their portraits taken as well, or just coming along to keep the Senior comfortable and relaxed.  Sometimes, when just a parent comes with no friends, Seniors tend to be a little up tight and not themselves.  This is the worse thing that could happen!  Seniors need to be as “normal” as they can be on the day of their session.  Your portraits should show your personality!

Think about this, if you book 2 YOSO sessions you will have 6+ hours of photography time with you and your friend!  we could drive all over and pretty much have time to do anything!  Go anywhere!  Okc Bricktown, Roman Nose Park, Red Rock Canyon, White Dog Hill, downtown Norman.  6 hours would give us time to drive and find the best locations around!  Now, don’t think you will get bored in those 6 hours, that I can promise!  While one person is being photographed, the other will be helping me by holding lights, working a reflector and videoing.


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Aaron LeMay Senior Weatherford High School {oklahoma senior photographer}

Athletes.  I LOVE TO SHOOT ATHLETES!!  And I am pretty good at it as well, if I do say so myself! (pats self on back)  You can come in to me or to whoever and get your jerseys all hung up behind you and some basketballs, baseballs, footballs or whatever on the ground.  Put a couple trophies up, maybe get real creative and have a helmet and bat sitting in the background.  OR you can come in and have a photo shoot of YOU as an ATHLETE!

If you play sports whether your a male or female, chances are most of your high school years have revolved around your sports.  So when your setting up your Senior portraits you should probably look into what exactly a Senior portrait is all about.  It is a reflection of what your High School years were about, what YOU are about.  Think about it… do you want to look like you got your photos taken in 1990 or 2012/13?!!

When we talk about setting up your sports photos, we will be bounce ideas off each other and find       the best idea(s) as possible!  Fire, smoke, rain, indoor, outdoor all these elements can be included  to make YOUR photos better.  These images will look like they could grace the covers of Sports Illustrated, ESPN the Magazine, VYPE or whatever magazine it may be!!


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Jaide Senior 2013 {oklahoma senior photographer}

After a year of taking her baby sisters pics every few months, its was FINALLY Jaide’s turn to shine!  Jaide likes her picture taken, you can tell by her Instagram ::ipad photo of self, iphone photo of self::  haha.  But I believe that is about every kids thing these days!  (i sound like a old grandpa.  i’m not! i’m young and still know whats cool!)

So we started off, with some simple indoor stuff, waiting for the sun to calm down a bit.  Yes, it matters when you shoot, sun directly over your head and having no light in your eyes, makes you look bad.  That is why when choosing a photographer, you would do your self well by choosing a professional.  Ok, now onto the photos!

This was one is natural light, reflector camera left.  Very pretty!

As you have read in previous blogs here, or you should have!, I really enjoy accessories!  Another shot, that I could not get had she not brought in this ring.  I know I am repeating myself, but seriously… bring accessories! 🙂

So when that golden time in the evening came upon us we headed out to the country a bit and got our shoot on!  There’s nothing like pulling up to someones land you don’t know and using a random gate to make an excellent image or images in this case!!

Love this last shot…. you know why?  ACCESSORIES! sunglasses.

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Natalie Senior 2013 {oklahoma senior photographer}

Natalie Haworthe came in as part of the 2013 Senior Squadron.  She, along with a couple others, is one of the faces of the 2013 Butler Photography Seniors!  Natalie is an athlete from Weatherford, softball is the sport we chose to highlight.  Senior portraits should be about you and what YOU are into.  Your hobbies, your style.  I can have you come in and shoot solid portraits that are good, BUT if you bring in your own props and bring in clothes and accessories that are a direct reflection of the person you are; I can make you look amazing!


Now yes, she does look like a hard core, tough little bad a…, well you get what I am saying.  But, Natalie has a soft side too! 🙂

Natalie was so fun to shoot.  A lot of energy and down with whatever I had her do.  Even when it came to lying down in the alley with tall weeds and a few stickers!  As you can see, it was worth it!


I hope you have a great Senior year Natalie!  Thanks for having me be a part of it!

now of course I couldn’t of captured these photos without my assistant and Natalie’s friend Lauren Roles.  Who herself enjoys a little photography as well.